Activity Search – Extended

Request Details

Item Value
Description Returns a details of a specific activity for a specific client. This endpoint returns the enhanced set of activity attribute details.
Method GET


Field Name Sample Value Required Format Notes
activity_id 64 Yes String CrowdTwist generated activity ID
api_key QWERTYUIOP Yes String

Successful Response

Field Name Sample Value Required Format Description
id 64 Yes Internal CrowdTwist Activity ID
name Watched a video Yes The name of the activity
title Watched A Video Yes The title of the activity
description Watched A Video Yes The description of the activity
num_points 25 Yes The number of points an activity is worth
image Yes The URL to the activity image
category_id 3 Yes An internal CrowdTwist Category ID that corresponds to the
category_name; 1-4
category_name Interact Yes The name of the category assigned to the activity
1 = Share
2 = Socialize
3 = Interact
4 = Buy
type_id 7 Yes An internal CrowdTwist Type ID that corresponds to the type_id;
type_name Your Site Yes The type of activity
1 = Facebook
2 = Merchandise
3 = Music
4 = Tickets
5 = Twitter
6 = Your Site
7 = Check-In
8 = Code Redemption
activity_channel_id null No Internal Activity Channel ID that corresponds to activity channel
name; 1-26
activity_channel_name null No Activity channel:
1 = Ad hoc points
2 = Code redemption cgp
3 = Code redemption other
4 = Content creation and share
5 = Content download
6 = Donation
7 = Email open or click
8 = Email sent from member via program
9 = Facebook
10 = Foursquare
11 = Game played
12 = Instagram
13 = Mobile client app
14 = Mobile partner app
15 = Program login
16 = Purchase merchandise
17 = Purchase season ticket or subscription
18 = Purchase ticket
19 = Registration and profile
20 = Reward redemption
21 = Survey
22 = Sweeps
23 = Twitter
24 = Web client site activity
25 = Web other site activity
26 = Web partner site activity
freq_cap 1 Yes The number of times a member can complete an activity
freq_period_id 2 Yes The internal frequency period id; 1-9
freq_period_name One Calendar Day Yes The period of time before members can re-earn points for
completing the activity:
1 = 24 Hours (Inactive)
2 = One Calendar Day
3 = Seven Calendar Days (Inactive)
4 = One Calendar Week
5 = Lifetime
6 = One Calendar Month
7 = One Calendar Year (Inactive)
8 = 365 Days (Inactive)
9 = 30 Days (Inactive)
freq_num_required_attempts null No The number of times the activity must completed before points are
redirect_url No Redirect URL that the member is taken to when selecting on certain
the activity titles (e.g. point-on-click; JS Tag)
points_on_click true Yes Denotes whether an activity is a point on click
action_tags null No The JavaScript tag that is used to award points for activities
that are tracked via JS Tag
extra_data null No
public_title Watch A Video Yes The member-facing title of the activity
public_description Daily Points for every video! Yes The member-facing description of the activity

Error Response

Field Name Sample Value Required Format Description
error param_error Yes String A machine readable code that describes the error.
message Missing the user_id parameter Yes String A short, descriptive sentence detailing the error.

Error Response Codes

Error Message
input_error The input provided in invalid or formatted incorrectly.
internal_error Something went wrong on our end.
page_not_found The requested page does not exist or has been removed.
param_error A missing or invalid parameter is included in the request.
no_activities There are no rewards available to this user.

Sample Request

    curl -X GET
    curl -X GET

Sample Successful Response: Status Code 200